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Beginners welcome Tues & Thurs 8 pm. Mixed of TRX & toning using hand weights. 

Meet Marrion, one of our favorites at Stringer Fitness. She has lost 3 stone. She squats, lifts, presses. She is one foxy lady and inspires many with her contagious positive out look on life & infectious laugh.  

30 minutes of Toning for Niftys @ 50's. By far our most popular class 

Tues & Thurs 11 am . Call in anytime.

Marrion deadlifting 110K, as ya do :) 

Another favorite. Eimear Chaney. Lost three stone. We believe in lifestylel changes not transformations or quick fixes. 

How to NOT put on the pounds over Christmas

Published on 11th Nov 2017 by Yvonne Stringer

How to enjoy a guilt free Christmas

Have you ever gotten the Fear when you first step back on the scales in January? You've to look past your belly to see the numbers, and it turns out you've put on 9 pounds. It's the nightmare after Christmas. You swear to yourself that this year it's going to be different. You're going to join the gym, you're going to get fit, and then you sit down with what's left of the selection boxes and comfort eat.

8 Week Fat Loss Challenge at Stringer Fitness

Published on 1st Oct 2017 by Yvonne Stringer

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The classes are never the same, which means it’s not boring or repetitive and each instructor has their own approach to the workout. The initial aches were soo worth it and I’m glad I decided to persevere. - Jemma O'Sullivan

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